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Anonymous asked:

Hi Tor. My dad says the HS2 railway will mean that speedys gets knocked down. Is he lying to me? I think he's only saying it to get a reaction! If it's true is there a petition to stop it? Thanks Tor. I love you!



No he isn’t just saying it to get a reaction, it’s not starting until 2019 though as they have to buy all the properties that are in the way for the high speed line… So.. just in time for like, what? Season 5… 


But yeah Speedy’s will be gone in a few years to make way for a new High Speed line. There has been a HS2 petition for ages but i doubt it’ll make much diff as it’s pretty much going ahead unless they go between Euston and St Panny but ain’t gunna happen, said Simon - network rail people. Another friend’s office is going down just up the road :( So Make the most of Speedy’s and North Gower!  More info on this here.  I can’t work out if the Speedy’s building will be gone itself, but there will be extensive changes around that area. 


Things I find odd about the TSOT wedding




John and Mary’s wedding:

  • Where was their proposal?
  • Where was their vow exchange?
  • Where was their kiss?
  • Why are John and Sherlock seated center of the head table so that Mary is often cut off frame or blocked by spectators in many shots.
  • Why does 90% of the episode center on Sherlock’s Best Man speech?
  • Why was his speech so long to begin with?
  • With very little mention of Mary or the “happy couple”.
  • No one else made a speech.
  • Like seriously no one.  Not even a two second toast.
  • Mary and Janine have like zero interaction.  Odd.
  • WHO the frick frack paddywhack is David and why did Sherlock not trust him enough to be an usher and seated him front center to keep an eye on him?
  • Like for serious.  We know John has few friends and Mary is make believe.  How did they even come up with a guest list of 100 people?

Items 1-7: the Watsons are doomed, y’all.

But yeah, there are SO MANY PEOPLE at that wedding. My headcanon is that Mary is one of those people who makes friends (or perhaps “friends”) quickly and easily. She’s charming, after all, and having a broad social network (if not a particularly deep one) is a good cover. There are the people from the clinic, and from the clinic she worked at before this one, and from the book club where she cultivated a friendship with Janine to get to CAM, and the people she met socially when she was going out with David, and her church congregation (oh, you bet), etc. Oh, and +1s, of course.

Technically, Mary and John are seated at the center of the head table. There are six people there, with two bridesmaids on Mary’s side and best man & maid of honor on John’s side. As for Mary being cut off from the frame, well, Sherlock was hogging all the limelight like a bride himself! (It was Sherlock’s wedding as Three Patch ladies discussed it during reaction podcast.) So, she couldn’t have taken up much of the frame time!

As for the people at the wedding, here is a bit discussion started by oldgrimalkin (check the notes). Although, I think we missed the +1’s then.


Watch his face as he listens to an old woman being blown up and then tell me he is a sociopath.

psychopath [noun]

1. a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

sociopath [noun]

1. a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

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